Protecting a DUI Charge - Several Defense Options Available to DUI Lawyers
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Protecting a DUI Charge – Several Defense Options Available to DUI Lawyers

With his legal experience and qualifications, a skilled DUI lawyer will provide reliable defense strategies, thereby providing people with the most significant possible opportunity to avoid DUI convictions.


One of the ways that DUI lawyers achieve this goal is to challenge the evidence against the client. Some of these examples include refuting the police’s testimony, who described the behavior of the accused client when he was taken away. If a person is found to be driving abnormally or misbehaving, most police officers will immediately conduct a series of sobriety tests to determine their mental state and judgment. In case you cannot walk in a straight line, stand on one leg, or even repeatedly type letters backward, DUI may be suspicious.


Fortunately, suppose individuals fail these tests. In that case, a proficient DUI attorney can discredit the results based on inappropriate procedure and application on the officer’s part.


Although it is usually easy not to perform an on-site wakefulness test, it is much more difficult to repeat the same feat with a blood or breath test. But it is also possible. Understandably, most courts are willing to accept the evidence provided by such difficulties due to their objective nature. However, if DUI’s defense attorneys are good, it indicates that the equipment used is faulty and can increase these tests’ credibility. Lawyers can also improve their clients’ defense capabilities by questioning the procedures used during the test and the length of time that has passed between arrest and the final blood test. Both of these factors significantly affect the results of the breath/blood test. Therefore, proving any of them will easily discredit the results.


Similarly, because the human breath is used to calculate the results of the BAC test, the DUI defense attorney can prove that these results are incorrect due to the person’s physical condition or qi. The theory behind these is very simple. Some people with specific medical problems may suffer from non-drinking BAC elevations. Therefore, proving this will enhance one’s defensive capabilities. Researchers have shown that burping shortly before the BAC test increases the amount of alcohol found in a person’s breath regarding the belching issue. As a result, most police officers are usually urged to wait at least twenty minutes after a burp and then perform the BAC test.


Another way that DUI lawyers can defend people is to attack the methods used in the evidence collection process. Suppose it is shown that the police have illegally pulled you away without good reason. In that case, the test or observation evidence they conducted in court will be legally discounted and will not be accepted.


As can be gleaned, the sort of defense method that a criminal defense lawyer will undoubtedly adopt in a person’s DUI case will rely on the circumstance bordering a person’s DUI situation. Nevertheless, it is also crucial to bear in mind that your activities, when jailed, can either enhance or weaken the options available to your defense DUI lawyer.


Each state has different laws, and each situation is unique. This article is not legal advice. Please contact a Toronto DUI lawyer or Toronto injury lawyer immediately to learn more or seek help in Ontario.