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FASD: An Environmental Scan of Services and Gaps in Inuit Communities Robin Anawak, National Aboriginal Health Organization 2006
FASD: Strategies not Solutions Region 6 FASD Child & Youth Sub-Committee 2004
Health Care Burden and Cost Associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Based on Official Canadian Data Popova, S., Lange, S., Burd, L., & Rehm, J 2012
Inuit Five-Year Strategic Plan for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, 2010-2015 Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada 2010
Inventory of Canadian FASD Services & Resources: Regional Analysis Dr. D. Goodman, S. Pivarnyik, K. Lwin 2014
L’Initiative Tri-Province pour améliorer la compréhension des coûts, des services et de la prévention d’un enjeu de santé publique : L’ETCAF et les enfants et les jeunes en centres jeunesse Dr. D. Goodman, Dr. D. Badry, Dr. D. Fuchs, Ms. S. Long, Dr.W. Pelech 2014
Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Literature Review Linda Burnside, PhD and Don Fushs, PhD 2011
Resource List - Alberta Human Services FACD 2013
Study on the Prevalence of FASD in Canadian Child Welfare Settings: FINAL REPORT Dr. Don Fuchs and Dr. Linda Burnside 2014
The cultural politics of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and the diagnosis of difference Travis Hedwig 2013
The economic impact of children in care with FASD and parental alcohol issues Phase 2: costs and service utilization of health care, special education, and child care Fuchs, D., Burnside, L. 2009
The impact of raising a child with FASD upon carers: findings from a mixed methodology study in the UK Raja Mukherjee and Elizabeth Wray 2013