Program works to reduce FASD


Program works to reduce FASD
Published: May 21, 2013 7:00 AM
Terrace Standard
Terrace, B.C.

The article delivers a message that helping women who drink while pregnant isn’t as easy as just telling them to stop. Lisa Lawley, who has six children three of whom have been diagnosed with FASD, has been running the Circle of Life program at Kermode Friendship Society for three years. The
criteria for the program is someone with an addiction, who has children
born with FASD and who is in her childbearing years. The
program helps women to get community services they need, while also
having someone who will advocate for them. Reducing
harm for a woman can mean helping her find a home, assist her with
relationship issues, help her get food – something that makes a
difference in her life, says Lawley. “Our job is to empower women and make changes in
their life to help them,” Lawley says. “We don’t have a set focus. This is
your journey and we will walk with you. When you take a step, we take a
step. That’s our focus.” Lawley
spoke at the fifth International Conference on FASD in February in
Vancouver as a “maternal mother” of a child with FASD about what it’s
like, the struggles and how society looks her and others like her. In September, Lawley will attend the first International
Conference on Prevention of FASD in Edmonton and sit on three panels

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