NOFAS Objects to Tone of ABC News Article. What is your opinion?


National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome U.S. (NOFAS)objects to the tone of an ABC News article titled "Partum Shots: 9 Months of Diet Advice", available at The article is about unwanted health advice that
pregnant women receive.  The article highlights the frustration and
annoyance some pregnant women feel about unsolicited health advice,
saying "It's as if the sight of a baby bump is a license for everyone
from relatives to relative strangers to freely share their thoughts
about what's best for the baby." The article implies that the health
recommendations to completely abstain from alcohol due to the risk of
birth defects is a kind of nagging, pestering message that pregnant
women are annoyed with. NOFAS objects that the article places such an emphasis on some pregnant
women's feelings of annoyance at receiving unsolicited health advice, a
nuisance that pales in comparison to the devastating lifelong birth
defects that can occur when women drink alcohol during pregnancy.  We
appreciate an article pointing out the frustrations facing pregnant
women, but we look forward to another article that focuses on the more
pressing issue of the serious problems associated with alcohol use
during pregnancy. To read full critique of the article by NOFAS please follow the link: