Looking for Best Practice Occupational Therapy Assessments

Hello there,
I am an Occupational Therapy student currently on placement at the Cree Health Board (CHB) in Montreal.
I am looking for some guidance about OT assessments that are being used in in FASD diagnostic clinics.  My understanding is that many clinics use the BOT II but that it is not the most sensitive tool for diagnosing and is more appropriate for detecting change over time (as an intervention tool).  I am concerned that if whatever assessment we use is not sensitive, it will not register a "hit" in the sensory motor domain.

I have also read up on the Movement ABC which seems to be a better fit but I am equally unsure of its responsiveness and whether it is an appropriate tool for use in a First Nations context.  I think some clinics are using the VMI as well or the sensory profile.

So my question is - what are you using in your clinic and why? There seems to be little in the way of evidence validating any of these assessments in an FASD context, and certainly not in a First Nations context.  I want to make sure I am recommending the most sensitive, responsive, and culturally safe assessments possible.