On the Improtance of Self-Care for Caregivers


I have found a useful discussion about the importance of self-care for caregivers of children with FASD on the Lutherwood website (www.fasdwaterlooregion.ca). Some self-care strategies (among others) can be found below: 

  • Don't take your child's behaviour personally: Remember that your child’s tough behaviour is a symptom of their FASD, not a reflection of you as a parent.
  • Take time out for yourself: A long walk, relaxing
    bath, or evening out with your spouse or friends can give you some much
    needed time away from your children. Don’t feel guilty for allowing
    yourself time for rest and relaxation.
  • Find someone to talk to: Connect with other
    parents of children with FASD, join or start a support group, or meet
    with a counselor. Talking to someone can be helpful to vent your
    frustrations, seek advice, and connect with others who understand what
    it is like to parent a child with FASD.

Do you have a practical self-care tip to add to this list? Something that you (or perhaps someone you know) tried, found as helpful, and now would like to share with other caregivers? Please feel free to expand this list!