HowTo: Creating New Content and Updating Your Organizational Profile


This guide will show you how to work with content on the FASD community of practice. The topics include adding, deleting and updating content. Depending on your access level, you may be able to add any of the following "content types":

  • Blog entry
  • Forum topic
  • News article
  • Resource - Organization
  • Resource - Research Article
  • Resource - Learning Opportunity


After logging into the site, click "Content" in the menu at the top of the screen, then click "Add Content". Clicking on the link to specific "content type" (blog entry, forum topic, etc.) from the Add Content page will take you to the page with a set of fields specific to that content type. All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required. The rest of the information is only optional, but it is a good idea to provide as much information as possible for community members assessing the cite.

There are several kinds of fields you may run into.

Text fields require you to answer a question with short text data (Title, Address, Website, etc.).

A specific type of text field is the tag field. This field allows you to add keywords or key phrases to the database entry you are creating. You can enter as many as you like, separated by commas (e.g. Prevention, Indigenous Population, Rural Alberta, etc.). As you begin typing, the system will suggest existing tags. Please help the database learn by using existing tags, where appropriate, instead of creating synonyms.

Paragraph fields will accept paragraph-style answers (e.g. Article Summary, Body, etc.).  

Dropdown fields will force you to choose from an existing set of options (e.g. Province, Organization Type). You may find that your entry fits appropriately into more than one option. However, for data integrity reasons, you can only choose one - please select the most appropriate one.
Finely, file fields will ask you to upload an image or a file (e.g. Logo, Research Article). In order to upload a file to the site, you will need to have saved it to your computer first.  Once ready, follow these steps:
  • click Browse button 
  • locate the file on your computer
  • click the Upload button

Please note that there are restrictions on the files for size and file type; these are specified in the help text related to the file field.


After logging into the, click Content from the menu at the top of the screen. 

You may want to filter the database so that it is easier to find what the entry you would like to work with. Under SHOW ONLY ITEMS WHERE, there is a dropdown menu for type. From that menu you can select the content type that you are looking for.

The database of content below will then change to show only the type you have selected. Once you see the title of the entry you wish to edit, click edit or delete, as appropriate, on the far right side of the entry.

If deleting, the system will ask you to confirm this action.
If editing, you will be able to edit any of the fields described in the previous section.

When you are finished, at the bottom of the page, click the Save button, and you are done!

Please note that until you click "Save", your changes are not registered in the database. If you browse away from the "edit" page, your changes will be lost.

If you have any technical questions in relation to how to navigate our website or to update/create content, please feel free to post your questions in our "HowTo" forum section!