FASDChildWelfare.ca Member Survey: Thank you and a reply


Thank you to everyone who recently completed the community of practice member survey!

Just a couple of notes based on some of the feedback: 

-There was some mention of folks not receiving email notifications to alert them when new content is posted on the site. In order to manage the notifications you receive, visit http://www.fasdchildwelfare.ca/user/212/subscriptions (you will need to log in). If you're still experiencing difficulties, please use the "Contact Us" tab to reach us. 

-In the spirit of a community of practice, members are encouraged to actively contribute to the site and engage with the forums in order to ensure that the community remains dynamic and current. You all have much to share! To learn more about contributing content, please click here. Again, use the "Contact Us" tab for any questions or comments or if you're experiencing technical difficulties. 

Cheers, and thank you again,
Erin McFarlane, on behalf of the FasdChildWelfare.ca Team