FASD forums - Welcome


Hello Community Members!

I am William Pelech, one of the team
members of our FASDchildwelfare.ca Community of Practice. Our community
forums are virtual places where community members can share information
and receive support. Our community stakeholders include caregivers,
service providers, researchers and persons who experience FASD. Forums
have been set up for each group of community stakeholders. Other forums
will be established as the community develops over time. Forums are
intended to promote discussion related to the topic being discussed.

Anyone can visit the site and read comments posted in the forums. So, please
do not post any confidential information including identifying
information (e.g. name, address, email, name of a child in your care).
However, only community members can post comments. So, if you wish to
join the discussion, please register by clicking the sign up button (top
right on this page). Forum discussions are monitored by community
members. We expect that community members will respond to each other in a
respectful manner. If you encounter any abusive communication in the
forums, be sure to let us know by contacting us by clicking the "Contact
Us" button above. Be sure to include the date and user name associated
with the abusive comment.

If you have any questions concerning
the forums, be sure to post them in the forums. Why? Because it is quite
likely that your questions are also shared by others. So, in the true
spirit of a community of practice, please post your questions to the
forum. If you have any technical questions that you cant get a helpful
answer to in the forum, or if you encounter problems in signing up to
this site, email your question by clicking the "Contact Us" button
above. A member of our technical team will respond to you within three

Hi everyone,

My name is Roman and I am one of the maintainers of this site. If you have questions about how to make things work (or frustrations about something not working!) please feel free to get in touch with me through the contact form on my profile, and I will be happy to respond.

I'm so honored to be a part of this community and its efforts to care for children and others affected by FASD.