2013 Summer Camps


Lakeland FASD Society excited for summer camp!
Bonnyville Nouvelle
Bonnyville, Alberta
For more information about the FASD Society or helping fund its summer camp contact 780-594-9905.

The Lakeland Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Society will be running its annual summer camp for kids this year throughout July and August 2013.The camp is specialized for youth who fall into the FASD spectrum and will run camps for ten kids per week with groups divided by age and gender. This year the camp will feature beach visits, base tours, a visit to the fish hatchery, iron chef night, a science night a girl’s beauty night and painting on horses, a form of art therapy. All of the staff working at the camp are trained specifically to work in the area of FASD.
“A lot of times this is the only chance care givers get to have a little bit of respite and sometimes the only chance these kids get to go off to camp or get to join into some of these activities,” said camp organizer Madelaine Longworth.

Are you aware about other opportunities for FASD related summer camps for children and youth?
Please share with us!