"Third Thursday At Three" FAS Webinars by the Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Centre

Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center announced their upcoming webinars. The speaker series, titled Third Thursday At Three.

August 15th
- Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders and Comorbid Psychiatric
Conditions across the Lifespan. Autism spectrum disorders are now being
recognized as being a major public health concern because of their
lifelong persistence. Until recently, there has been little research and
attention to associated psychiatric disorders that greatly affect
impairment. This presentation will give the participant an opportunity
to consider psychiatric comorbid diagnosis when additional symptoms
persist. A better understanding will assist in an increase in lifelong
functionality if accurately diagnosed and treated.

Presented by Kean Quinton, MA Program Director at Lakeview's

September 19th
- Lakeview Specialty Hospital - The Patients We Serve. Working on the
Clinical Liaison team for Lakeview's Long Term Acute Care Hospital
(LTACH) the hospital clinical liaison team has the privilege of
evaluating a large array of patients varying in diagnosis and medical
complexities. The Clinical Liaison is the first point of contact to see
the medical needs of the patient, and help facilitate the process
involved in the patient's transition in the medical partnership to LTACH
level of care.. Some of the topics covered in this presentation are how
an LTACH benefits patients in the continuum of care, how earlier
admission benefits patients in their health goals, and taking a closer
look at three types of patients that often benefit from LTACH level of

Presented by Amy M. Schoepke, RN, BA,

October 17th
- Ventilator Weaning in the patient with TBI. The speaker will discuss
weaning TBI patients from mechanical ventilation via a
multi-disciplinary team approach. The five focus areas of assessment,
motivation, mobilization, communication, and education will be
explained. The overall objective is to identify evidence-based weaning
techniques and improvements in weaning. Topics include cognitive
interventions, therapeutic modalities, protocols, appropriate
pharmacology, and current technology. Emphasis will be on positive
reinforcement strategies for patients with brain injury with the goal of
medical stabilization, rehabilitation, and discharge planning to a
"home" environment.
Presented by Robyn R. Rushing, RRT, NRP, BBA, VP of Medical Operations and Development, Facility Administrator for Lakeview Specialty Hospital

November 21st
- Young Adult Programs: Life After High School. An hour long
presentation providing an overview of the conceptualization,
development, and implementation of a Young Adult Program at Lakeview New

Presented by Amanda Goza, PhD - Director of Youth Services

December 19th
- Environmental Neurotoxins: Effects on Brain and Behavior. Exposure to
various types of neurotoxins is alarmingly common in both home and work
environments, including solvents, organophosphates and heavy metals,
among others. Symptoms, methods of assessment, interventions and
prognosis will be reviewed along with global implications.

Presented by Tina M. Trudel, PhD, Lakeview's President/Chief Operating
Officer and a licensed clinical neuropsychologist with over 25 years of

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