Manitoba Foster Family Network: Workshop

The Education Committee was designed to address the educational objectives as determined by Manitoba foster parents. Their goal is to ensure foster parent education programming in Manitoba is representative of the needs of Manitoba foster parents as determined by Manitoba foster parents and is delivered in conjunction with foster parent presenters. Because the Manitoba Foster Family Network is in a unique position of not being affiliated with a specific Child and Family Services agency, we are able to notice trends that are province-wide. This enables us to develop a global educational program that can provide for the specific needs of foster parents, regardless of their region. For information on educational opportunities, look at the calendar below. This calendar includes training opportunities offered by the four Authorities, Agencies, other organizations and the Manitoba Foster Family Network. The Network is also proud to offer workshops that can be brought to your area by a staff or volunteer. The training topics include: • FASD • Teens and Drugs • Childhood Development • Effective Communication • Documenting • Rights and Responsibilities • Grief and Loss • Triple P Parenting • De-escalating Conflict • Conflict Resolution • MFFN Toolkit • Understanding attachment • Allegations (the process If accused) • Preventing allegations • Intro to Neurodevelopmental disorders If you would like information on a subject not listed, contact us and we will create it and deliver it to your large or small group. Would you like to join our Education Program? We are always looking for foster parent facilitators, committee members and volunteers. If you are interested, please call the office at 204-940-1280 or email us at