The International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research: Special Issue on FASD

The International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research: Early View Papers and Abstracts, 2013

These are layout proofs of papers which have been accepted and will 
be published subsequent issues.

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Exploring the prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the Northwest Territories of Canada: Brightening our home fires
Dorothy Badry, Aileen Felske

Inhibition of cholinergic muscarinic signaling by ethanol: Potential mechanism of 
developmental neurotoxicity and biological plausibility for the 
beneficial effects of choline supplementation PDF
Lucio G. Costa, Gennaro Giordano, Marina Guizzetti

On fitting a triangle into a circle: A study on employment outcomes of adults with 
FASD who attended postsecondary institutions PDF
Cheryll Duquette, Shari Orders

A practical testing battery to measure neurobehavioral ability among children 
Wendy O. Kalberg, Phillip A. May, Jason Blankenship, David Buckley, 
J. Phillip Gossage, Colleen M. Adnams

Case management reduces drinking during pregnancy among high-risk women PDF
Philip A. May, Anna-Susan Marais, J. Phillip Gossage, Ronel Barnard, 
Belinda Joubert, Marise Cloete, Natalie Hendricks, Sumien Roux, 
Annalien Blom, Jeanetta Steenekamp, Theresa Alexander, Romena 
Andreas, Suzanne Human, Cudore Snell, Soraya Seedat, Charles D. 
Parry, Wendy O. Kalberg, David Buckley, Jason Blankenship

Estimation of alcohol content of wine, beer and spirits to evaluate exposure risk 
in pregnancy: Pilot study using a questionnaire and pouring task in 
England PDF
Raja Mukherjee, Elizabeth Wray, Leopold Curfs, Sheila Hollins

The value of the neuropsychological assessment for adults with fetal alcohol 
spectrum disorders: A case study PDF
Joanne Sparrow, Therese Grant, Paul Connor, Nancy Whitney

FASD service delivery: Exploring current systems of care from the caregivers' 
perspective PDF
Lori Jane Walls, Jacqueline Pei