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Anna Azulai has sent you a group email from fasdchildwelfare.ca:

Dear Member,

Thank you for taking time to register with the FASDchildwelfare.ca.

Our website is now up and running, and we invite you to come back and take ownership of your profile and the website's content. If you represent a particular agency, you will be able to update your listing on our new site. Our community of practice is rapidly expanding offering greater awareness about your agency and services.

Please consider the following options:

1) Update your organization’s profile in
our database (if you are authorized by your agency to do so). Here is how: Please first locate your agency in the list of organizations in our database, found under RESOURCES. Please send us an email (using CONTACT US link at the main menu top bar or
email to welcome@fasdchildwelfare.ca) with the name of
your organization as it appears in our database and your username on the FASDchildwelfare.ca. We will then be able to link the organization to you. When this is done, you will receive a note from us and will be able to take ownership over the organization profile from that moment on. To update or add content, please review our HowTo guidelines under FORUMS (General discussion).

2) Create a profile of your organization
(if you are authorized by your agency). Here is how: Please review the list of organization in our database first, found under RESOURCES. If you do not find your agency’s profile in the list, you can now create one. Please follow our HowTO guidelines as published under FORUMS (General discussion).

3) Add content to our FORUMS: Please take an advantage of sharing
new important information or a question relevant to FASD and child welfare, using our FORUMS section, so that the larger community could benefit from your knowledge.

4) Create new content on BLOGS: If you are interested to write a blog for our website, please do so and email it to us (send it to bloggers@fasdchildwelfare.ca). All blogs undergo rigorous peer review before being published. If your blog fits the scope of the website and is approved by the team, you will be notified, and the blog will be
published. Please take this opportunity to contribute from your knowledge and create high quality written piece of information/concern/topic for a debate or other issue to share with our community of practice.

5) Add new learning opportunities: Please take advantage of promoting new learning opportunities on FASD and relevant issues. You could do it in a number of ways. You are invited to share your learning experience on our FORUMS. You could also add new relevant conferences, webinars, workshops, e-learning and in-person courses and other learning opportunities if they do not appear in our
database (please make sure to review our database first, before adding any new content).

6) If you need support or assistance, please send us an email, using CONTACT US button from the main menu top bar.

We look forward to see you again on the FASDchildwelfare.ca!

Warm Regards,

FASDchildwelfare.ca Project Team