FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan Inc.

Contact information
210-510 Cynthia St.
S7L 7K7 Saskatoon , SK
The FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan, referred to as the Network, is a community based parent-led provincial organization. When the Network began, very little was known about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Families were facing stigma, lack of services and misunderstanding. A group of like-minded parents came together seeking support and understanding. They had common concerns about the challenges of parenting children affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol. As a group, the parents learned more about FASD and recognized the value of working together to bring greater awareness and understanding of FASD to our province. Now, many years later, parents and families are still at the core of the Network. An eight-member Board of Directors, most of whom are parents, offers experience and wisdom to help the Network continue to be a vibrant and growing provincial organization.